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ADD: Luxi Village Binhai Industrial Zone, Gaocheng Town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Bairong has been in biscuits bakeries for more than 10 years with the operation right of import and export. 

A. Sincerity of Cooperation
Strong motive force and concept of business operation, continuous motive force of business development, business concept of keeping pace with the times, ensuring progress in the fierce competitive environment, possessing good business ethics and reputation, morality and goodwill are the foundation of business operation.
B. Legal Business
Legitimate registration, general taxpayer qualification and service retailers are the main responsibilities of distributors.
C. Cooperation Recognition
Acknowledging the sales target and sales management system formulated by Bairong Company
D. Financial Strength
Special Operating Capital Matching Regional Business Scale and Sales Target, - Steady Financial Foundation and Strong Management Ability
F.Scale of E.A Grade City Distributors
The annual turnover of core distributors is over 20 million yuan
Annual turnover of channel supplementary distributors is more than 10 million yuan
G. Food management experience
The sales characteristics of candy determine that distributors must have rich experience and quantitative packaging: more than three years of leisure food management experience, bulk products: more than one year of bulk product management experience, seasonal annual goods: more than two years of annual product management experience.
H. The Scale of Channel Management
With more than 50% local KA retail network coverage, more than 50% local distribution network coverage, with good terminal, channel customer relationship
I. Sales Team and Business Execution Ability
A-B City distributors have more than 30 business personnel, C City distributors have more than 10 business personnel.
J. Logistics Capability
A-B City distributors have more than 6 delivery vehicles, C City distributors have more than 3 delivery vehicles.