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ADD: Luxi Village Binhai Industrial Zone, Gaocheng Town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Bairong has been in biscuits bakeries for more than 10 years with the operation right of import and export. 

Regional Sales Manager
Type of position: full-time
Release time: 2019-02-11
Date of validity: 2019-03-13
Basic requirements: age and gender
Work place: Dongguan
Job description:
Job Responsibilities 1, 5 years sales experience, or regional management experience; 2, responsible for the development of regional customers, relationship maintenance and good communication; 3, responsible for the regional project negotiation, project implementation and repayment work; 4, planning and improving the development of target customer groups in the industry, responsible for achieving the expected sales objectives; 5, grasp the market dynamics of competitors, for the company. The development provides constructive suggestions. 6. Have independent customer development ability, negotiation ability, planning ability and organizational ability; 7. Career-minded, diligent, down-to-earth and keen, (10 performance commission of base salary)
Quality Control Food Inspection
Job Type: Quality Assurance/Quality Management
Basic requirements: age and gender
Work place: Dongguan
Job description:
1. Be responsible for the preparation and filing of enterprise quality report forms; 2. Training and record of key positions; 3. Acceptance and record of raw and auxiliary materials; 4. Inspection and audit of quality records of key positions in workshop; 5. Internal and external audit of annual quality system; 6. Compilation and revision of quality system documents; 7. Collection and collation of national laws and regulations; 8. Posting intermediate post certificates of food inspectors; 9. ISO22000 HACCP. Auditor certificate; 10. Familiar with ISO22000HACCP management system