Category 5 snacks make it easier for you to work

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Category 5 snacks make it easier for you to work

Food for Energy: Biscuits, Chocolate
The main ingredient of biscuits is wheat, which provides energy from its carbohydrate content. In breakfast, the energy provided by ordinary biscuits, butter biscuits or biscuits dedicated to breakfast can ensure that people are energetic until lunchtime. If you eat another fruit, an egg, and a glass of milk, it's a complete and energetic breakfast to keep you energetic all morning. Afternoon tea, a few biscuits, chocolate and a drink can keep you working with great enthusiasm until the end of the afternoon.
Excellent energy supplement: dried fruit
Usually, after physical (hiking, tennis, etc.) and mental activities, we often feel very tired. At this time, you can chew some dried peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts and other nuts in your mouth. They have magical effect on restoring physical fitness, because they are rich in protein, vitamin b, vitamin E, calcium and iron, as well as vegetable fats, but do not contain cholesterol. So you should always keep some dried apricots, almonds or hazelnuts in your bag for a rainy day.
Necessary food for the body: dairy products
Dairy products are the most common and easy-to-buy food in our daily life. They can provide protein, vitamins and calcium for our body, and they don't contain too much fat. In addition, when insomnia occurs, drinking a cup of warm milk half an hour before going to bed every night can make people more relaxed physically and mentally, and help them sleep.
High protein supplements: beans, meat
Appropriate consumption of high-protein foods, such as tofu, pork, beef and mutton, poultry, fish, etc., can timely replenish the body's lost calories. Because excessive calorie consumption can also make people tired, so timely supplementation of calories can quickly eliminate fatigue.
Foods for Vitamins: Fruits and Vegetables
Fatigue is caused by acidic environment. Eating more alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables can neutralize acidic environment, reduce acidity of blood and muscle, increase tolerance and eliminate fatigue. The brain needs a variety of vitamins to function properly. Vitamins are indispensable for maintaining the growth and reproduction of the human body and the operation of the nervous system, which are conducive to improving learning ability and memory.
Green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, wild lettuce, spinach, etc.), melon and strawberry have the highest folic acid content. Vitamin C helps to maintain effective cognitive activities (memory and learning). Vegetables and fruits with high vitamin C content include pomegranate, parsley, sweet pepper, kiwifruit, strawberry and orange. So make sure to eat 1 to 2 fruits and about 500 grams of vegetables every day.